Saving the Best for Last!

What a fantastic gold medal game yesterday and what a perfect end to the Olympics. It was down to the final 1:30 minutes when the USA pulled their goalie. Canada fought to keep the puck out of their end but with only 25 seconds remaining, Parise of the USA sends the puck into the goal to put the game into overtime. After 7:40 minutes of quick and intense play and with an assist from Iginla, Crosby ended the game and brought the gold to Canada. What a moment for Crosby who at only 22 has won the Stanley Cup and now has won an Olympic Gold Medal. What a career! I have never seen such Canada spirit as I saw last night and I was overcome with emotion and felt very proud to be Canadian at that moment. It was also very emotional to see the soldiers watching in Afghanistan. Its so wonderful that they could be a part of this memorable event.

It must have felt euphoric to be in Vancouver yesterday taking part in the celebrations. I wished so badly that I could be there. Not only did we win the most gold medals for the 2010 Olympics, but we set a record for a country winning the most gold medals ever. I will never forget the Vancover 2010 Olympic games!


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