The Last Day

I can't believe that the 2010 Olympics are almost over! It's been an exciting and emotional two weeks. Canada has won the most gold medals - 13 in all. Today is another exciting day as Canada plays the USA for the gold medal in Mens Hockey. It should be a great game! After the hockey game is over, the closing ceremonies will begin as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics draw to a close. I think these Olympics have been the most memorable for me. I was a teenager when the Olympics were in Canada last in Calgary, 1988. We didn't have the technology that there is today to follow such an event. With the internet, we are updated in "real time" as to what is happening. The Vancouver 2010 website and the CTV website have been fantastic resources in getting updates. I have enjoyed watching my 8 year old son experience the excitement and competitiveness of it all. He was amazed at what these athletes could do. I am sure he will watch the upcoming Paralympics as well.


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