Paralympic Torch Relay

The Paralympics begin in BC on March 12, 2010. The 10-day torch relay begins today in Ottawa then will travel to Quebec City on March 4, Toronto on March 5, CFB Esquimalt and Victoria, BC on March 6, Squamish on March 7, Whistler on March 8, Lytton and Hope on March 9, Vancouver and Maple Ridge on March 10, University of BC on March 11, and in downtown Vancouver on March 12 for the opening ceremonies at BC Place. There is an ambassador delegated to each province who will be carrying the torch and you can view the list of torchbearers on the Vancouver 2010 website.

Summary of Canadian Medalists

Below is a summary of all of the Canadian medalists in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. We won 26 medals in total with 14 being Gold medals. They are organized in date order.

February 13, 2010
Ladie's Moguls - Silver Medalist: Jennifer Heil

February 14, 2010
Speed Skating - Ladie's 3000m - Bronze Medalist: Kristina Groves
Men's Moguls - Gold Medalist: Alexandre Bilodeau

February 15, 2010
Men's Snowboard - Silver Medalist: Mike Robertson

February 16, 2010
Ladie's Snowboard - Gold Medalist: Maelle Ricker

February 17, 2010
Short Track - Ladie's 500m - Silver Medalist: Marianne St. Gelais

February 18, 2010
Speed Skating - Ladie's 1000m - Gold Medalist: Christine Nesbitt

February 19, 2010
Skeleton - Men's Heat 4 - Gold Medalist: Jon Montgomery

February 21, 2010
Speed Skating - Ladie's 1500m - Silver Medalist: Kristina Groves

February 22, 2010
Figure Skating - Ice Dance/Free Dance - Gold Medalists: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

February 23, 2010
Skiing - Ladie's Ski Cross - Gold Medalist: Ashleigh McIvor

February 24, 2010
Speed Skating - Ladie's 5000m - Bronze Medalist: Clara Hughes
Bobsleigh - Women's Heat 4 - Gold Medalists: Kaillie Humphries, Heather Moyse and Silver Medalists: Helen Upperton, Shelley-Ann Brown
Short Track - Ladie's 3000m Relay - Silver Medalists: Jessica Gregg, Kalyna Roberge, Marianne St. Gelais, Tania Vicent

February 25, 2010
Ice Hockey - Women's - Gold - Click here for Team Members
Figure Skating - Ladie's Free Skate - Bronze Medalist: Joannie Rochette

February 26, 2010
Curling - Women's - Silver Medalists: Cheryl Bernard, Susan O'Connor, Carolyn Darbyshire, Cori Bartel, and Kristie Moore
Short Track - Men's 500m - Gold Medalist: Charles Hamelin, Bronze Medalist: Francois-Louis Tremblay
Short Track - Men's 5000m Relay - Gold Medalists: Charles Hamelin, Francois Hamelin, Olivier Jean, and Francois-Louis Tremblay

February 27, 2010
Speed Skating - Men's Team Pursuit - Gold Medalists: Mathieu Giroux, Lucas Makowsky, Denny Morrison
Snowboard - Men's Paralell Giant Slalom - Gold Medalist: Jasey Jay Anderson
Bobsleigh - Four Man - Bronze Medalists: Lyndon Rush, Chris LeBihan, David Bissett, and Lascelles Brown
Curling - Men's Gold Medalists: Kevin Martin, John Morris, Marc Kennedy, Ben Hebert, and Adam Enright

February 28, 2010
Ice Hockey - Men's Gold - Click here for Team Members

The Olympic Flower Bouquets

All through the Olympics I wondered what was in the bouquets that were being handed out to medal winners. To me they looked like brocolli and I didn't really find them attractive. The bouquets were made from green spider mums and hypericum berries which were designed and provided by Just Beginnings Flowers and Margitta's Flowers in Surrey, BC. June Strandberg, who is the owner of Just Beginnings Flowers, teaches floristry to women who have left prison, are recovering from addiction, or have been victims of violence. There was a group of 22 women who were trained to put the bouquets together. The florists made 1800 bouquets for the Olympics and Paralympics. The flowers are grown locally however since they are not in season in February, some had to be flown in from Ecuador. I thought there should have been some colour in the bouquets but perhaps they looked nicer in person. Possible allergic reactions had to be taken into consideration when choosing the flowers as well.

Below is a video of June Strandberg and Margitta Schulz being interviewed about the bouquets.

Click here to watch the video.

Saving the Best for Last!

What a fantastic gold medal game yesterday and what a perfect end to the Olympics. It was down to the final 1:30 minutes when the USA pulled their goalie. Canada fought to keep the puck out of their end but with only 25 seconds remaining, Parise of the USA sends the puck into the goal to put the game into overtime. After 7:40 minutes of quick and intense play and with an assist from Iginla, Crosby ended the game and brought the gold to Canada. What a moment for Crosby who at only 22 has won the Stanley Cup and now has won an Olympic Gold Medal. What a career! I have never seen such Canada spirit as I saw last night and I was overcome with emotion and felt very proud to be Canadian at that moment. It was also very emotional to see the soldiers watching in Afghanistan. Its so wonderful that they could be a part of this memorable event.

It must have felt euphoric to be in Vancouver yesterday taking part in the celebrations. I wished so badly that I could be there. Not only did we win the most gold medals for the 2010 Olympics, but we set a record for a country winning the most gold medals ever. I will never forget the Vancover 2010 Olympic games!

The Last Day

I can't believe that the 2010 Olympics are almost over! It's been an exciting and emotional two weeks. Canada has won the most gold medals - 13 in all. Today is another exciting day as Canada plays the USA for the gold medal in Mens Hockey. It should be a great game! After the hockey game is over, the closing ceremonies will begin as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics draw to a close. I think these Olympics have been the most memorable for me. I was a teenager when the Olympics were in Canada last in Calgary, 1988. We didn't have the technology that there is today to follow such an event. With the internet, we are updated in "real time" as to what is happening. The Vancouver 2010 website and the CTV website have been fantastic resources in getting updates. I have enjoyed watching my 8 year old son experience the excitement and competitiveness of it all. He was amazed at what these athletes could do. I am sure he will watch the upcoming Paralympics as well.

Congratulations Joannie!

I am thrilled that Joannie was able to capture the bronze medal last night. She has shown the determination and courage of a true athlete. It may have been the hardest thing for her to do but when she looks back when the shock of her mother's death subsides, she will be grateful that she pushed on. It would be what her mother wanted. Joannie is a strong, classy and composed woman and the support and love of her family, friends, and country will see her through this tragedy. She has made the Vancouver 2010 Olympics truly memorable for me.

Click here to watch her win the bronze medal.

Congratulations also to the Women's Hockey Team for winning gold with a shutout of 2-0. I was very confident that they would win gold.


Exciting Day Ahead!

Today's attention will be on the Women's Canadian hockey team as they challenge the USA for the gold medal. The game will be a nail-biter for sure! The game starts at 3:30 pm PST, 6:30 pm EST.

Another exciting and emotonal event today will be the Ladies' freestyle skate where Joannie Rochette will be competing for a medal. She currently ranks third in the competition. Coverage will begin at 5:00 pm PST.