The Olympic Flower Bouquets

All through the Olympics I wondered what was in the bouquets that were being handed out to medal winners. To me they looked like brocolli and I didn't really find them attractive. The bouquets were made from green spider mums and hypericum berries which were designed and provided by Just Beginnings Flowers and Margitta's Flowers in Surrey, BC. June Strandberg, who is the owner of Just Beginnings Flowers, teaches floristry to women who have left prison, are recovering from addiction, or have been victims of violence. There was a group of 22 women who were trained to put the bouquets together. The florists made 1800 bouquets for the Olympics and Paralympics. The flowers are grown locally however since they are not in season in February, some had to be flown in from Ecuador. I thought there should have been some colour in the bouquets but perhaps they looked nicer in person. Possible allergic reactions had to be taken into consideration when choosing the flowers as well.

Below is a video of June Strandberg and Margitta Schulz being interviewed about the bouquets.

Click here to watch the video.


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