Torch Update

It is now day 63 of the torch relay with only 43 more days until the games begin. Since I last posted, the torch has made its way through New Brunswick, Quebec, and southern Ontario. Yesterday, I had the fantasic opportunity to see it go through my town. There was a short parade with the Vancouver 2010 van and a couple of floats sponsored by RBC and Coke. The torch went by so quickly that it was hard to get some good pictures but I managed to snap a few and take a short video of it going by. Today, the torch will make its way through Northern Ontario with a celebration in Val d'Or starting at 6:00 p.m. Tomorrow, the torch will be in Timmins with Shania Twain lighting the cauldron. I can't wait to see that and would love to be there in person. Happy New Year!


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